Data Input, Conversion and Processing


Urban Planning &Water Resource Management

Geographic Information System

Our core features

Photogrammetry & LiDAR

(LIDAR) or Light Detection and Ranging technology involves a scanning and ranging laser system that produces pinpoint accurate, high-resolution topographic maps.

GIS & Remote Sensing

Eratost specializes in the conversion of legacy and hard-copy GIS information into digital formats and data-driven Web-based services and applications.

CAD & Engineering

CAD engineering services works in the Technology Areas related to 3D & 2D with Visualization, in India. We never forget that our customers are looking for Solutions ,not simply Products.

What we can offer you


We provide CAD and Engineering services. Our CAD Drafting Services cater to Piping and utility, Architects, engineers, Real Estate Developers, Facility Managers.


Lidar Mapping and surveying is used for forestry, flood risk mapping, oil & gas exploration surveys, power line transmission or pipeline corridor planning.


Our Geospatial Division consists of a unique blend of highly specialized GIS professionals that have significant experience in the deployment of GIS.

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