Architechtural BIM Services

Eratost Technologies is a highly experienced BIM outsourcing company specializing in BIM architecture services. We offer comprehensive BIM architecture services to customers around the world. The main reason for using BIM Services is to create a 3D view with a detailed geometry of the building design before starting construction and to check the designs for bumps, faults, etc. The digital representation of a building offers a number of advantages that gradually encourage construction companies to switch to BIM.

Eratost: One of The Best BIM Architecture Service Providers

We have a team of BIM architects who have experience working on BIM architecture modeling projects. Our many years of experience in the field of BIM services, the ability to withstand the pressure of the project, the quality of delivery and the punctual delivery have made us one of the best architecture BIM service providers.

We have experience working with large and recognized architecture, structure and MEP companies worldwide. Our experience and knowledge lie in the development of detailed BIM models for residential and commercial buildings, hospitals and medical care, schools, and universities, government buildings, shopping centers, etc.

BIM Architecture Modeling Services Include

Architectural Revit 3D Modeling

We have successfully created 3D models for a variety of buildings, including for residential, commercial, hotel, community centers, sports facilities etc. for architects, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, builders, building managers and other interested parties who are involved in the planning and construction of the life cycle of a building.

CAD Drawing For BIM Architectural Services

We support our customers in the migration from CAD drawing services to BIM architecture services. Our team of experts from BIM architects and modelers can develop a 3D BIM model from 2D AutoCAD drawings. We can also develop a coordinated architecture BIM model that can be used for design validation and conflict detection.

Modeling The Exterior Architecture

Exterior modeling includes exterior walls, roof, exterior facades, doors, windows, etc.

BIM Family Creation Services

We offer services for creating Revit families, including parametric and non-parametric Revit families for furniture, windows, doors etc.

Site Modeling

We can create a variable height topographic surface from the 2D CAD file, develop the site by adding structural elements, building mass, retaining walls and even trees. We can also create new and existing site conditions based on our customers’ requirements.

BIM 4D and 5D

We can add programming and phases (4D BIM) and cost estimation (5D BIM) to Architectural Modeling Services so you can make timely decisions and ultimately build better buildings.

Eratost Construction Drawings

Our team of BIM architects and modelers can extract the engineering drawings of the Revit BIM model and further refine these drawings by adding annotations and notes to complete the CD set.

Interior Design Modeling

The interior modeling includes elements such as interior walls, furniture, accessories, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors and interior windows etc. with the application of the material (this is useful for the development of BOQs).

Scan to BIM Services

Eratost offers BIM Point cloud services for the renovation and remodeling of old residential and commercial buildings, historical monuments, old churches or mosques, bridges and tunnels, train stations, airports, etc.

Modeling Furniture

Our team of BIM modelers is well informed about the latest trends in 3D furniture modeling and works closely with furniture manufacturers and designers to create parametric and non-parametric 3D models of home furniture, office furniture and furniture storage room, garden furniture etc.

We offer the following services for architects

  • BIM services
  • BIM Consulting
  • Construction documentation
  • Modeling energy analysis
  • Write architecture
  • BIM design development
  • BIM infrastructure
  • BIM of acquisitions
  • Presentation Modeling
  • Revit Modeling
  • Custom Family Creation
  • 4D BIM Programming
  • 3D Modeling
  • Point Cloud on BIM
  • Cost Estimation (5D BIM)

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