BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a parametric 3D model that is used to create plans, views, sections, perspectives, details, and schedules. These are all the components required to document the design of a building.

Why Choose Eratost Technologies?

Cost Reduction


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  • Cost Reduction


  • Satisfied Customers


  • Quicker Turnaround


  • Data Security


  • Volume


What do we do?

The Eratost BIM administration services support common working partners to significantly improve the efficiency and overall margin of the project by integrating all project data into a single digital model, which enables the visualization, enrichment of the model, conflict detection, Design and sequencing simulation, building management, and drawing drawings, quantities, schedules, and models from a single, coordinated data source.

Our Experience

We have experience in the industry, we are committed to offering our customers offshore BIM services. Our efficiency in the construction of the construction model offers the user an optimal solution for the correct modeling. We pride ourselves on having a team of qualified and experienced mechanical engineers to help us properly design and write these models. Our experienced professionals are familiar with the latest types of design software that enable us to provide customers with correct models and sectional drawings.

Why Eratost

We design BIM according to the specifications given by customers. Because of our flexible approach, we are our customers’ most popular option, which has helped us get more design projects abroad.

We offer a complete model of design information, specification details, and design drawings. We also offer a cheaper option for our quote/budget services.

BIM Architectural Services

Our architectural BIM deals with components and works together smoothly so that the costs for inventory, effort and time are not wasted




View of the building (Exterior + Interior)


  • Orientation

  • Location

  • Height

  • View of the building (Exterior + Interior)

  • Volume

Structural BIM Services

Our structural BIM is a user-friendly application that allows civil engineers and designers to create construction systems for buildings and industrial plants in steel, concrete, and wood with unlimited freedom.

  • 3D modeling of all the structure
  • Bill of quantities
  • Load Analysis
  • Shop Drawings
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Construction Drawings
  • Clash Detection
  • Detailing Structural Components
  • Beam Calculation

Design Development (Approximate Geometry)

  • Generalized Systems
  • Size
  • Elevation
  • Floor Plan
  • Assemblies with Approximate Quantities

Construction Document (Specific Geometry)

  • Specific Assemblies
  • Section
  • Accurate in Terms of Size

Construction Model (Fabrication Model)

  • Specific Assemblies
  • Complete Fabrication
  • Accurate in Terms of Size

We provide BIM Services for

Commercial Buildings
Residential Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments
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