Lidar Services

The Lidar technology is very useful in the field of topographical data collection with high accuracy, great density, and fastest speed. It enables the caption of data on the field by lighting the target by the use of pulse laser, apart from that it offers elevation data that can find various applications in several businesses. The Eratost technologies are among the proficient service provider in the concerned arena. We direct all our activities to cater to the expectations of customers by providing them excellent quality service as per their gratifications. In addition, we follow moral business guidelines and crystal clear transparency in all transactions to maintain healthy customer relationships. Now let us have some knowledge about the service that what does it mean by offering lidar services in Delhi and in which industries are the applications of the service.

Lidar is light detection and ranging which is a remote sensing technology that works by illuminating the target by measuring the time of Flight of reflected pulses with a sensor to determine its has substantial advantages, mostly used in the automobile industry in vehicles with a wide range of applications in other industries too. The technology can be used in any situation where you are trying to get a better awareness of surroundings, which makes the possibilities for the technology truly endless. We can say that from private vehicles to perimeter security, updating the layout of a retail store based on the flow of crowd or opening additional lanes at airport security, and even identifying if someone has fallen onto the tracks at a subway station all these can be seen by using the technique of light detection. Recently the use of technology is increased in the automation industry. Lidar works in the same way as radar and sonar, the difference is it uses light whereas the others use radio waves or sound waves. It is considered best for the surveying task as having the capability to collect three-dimensional measurement and that is the reason it is famous for surveying the built environment and to find the elevation of land gives the best result with great precision and creates the exact 3D image of the required object.

Eratost technology is a well-known name in the industry for providing the best in class and accurate lidar services in India. Our rigorous quality process in the arena ensures you deliver your project accurately in a given frame of time. Our rich domain of expertise enables us to offer to pinpoint accurate, high-resolution topographic maps, through scanning and ranging laser system. The highest system reliability and optimize operation cost are the factors that we have a wide base of satisfied clients with the offered services and hence we are the best choice of quality and accuracy in Lidar related services. Therefore when one needs he accurate details of the earth surface for any of the motives like a survey or for searching something, must opt for the Lidar based services in India whether it is the agriculture sector, Industrial sector or for any other application. As a prominent lidar service provider in Delhi, we do far better than just create traditional map products, such as contours and digital terrain models; 

We also create the following products:

  • Biomass and carbon/greenhouse gas calculations
  • Building and structure outlines
  • Emergency response plans
  • Land cover characterizations
  • Land use and land cover analyses
  • Pre- and post-event/disaster planning
  • Solar maps for photovoltaic array placement
  • Transmission and utility maps
  • Vegetation classifications

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