Paper to CAD Conversion Services

We offer a full range of paper CAD conversion services, PDF to DWG conversions, manual sketch CAD conversions, and image CAD conversion services with precise accuracy at very competitive prices. We convert all types of electrical, mechanical, architectural, structural, plumbing, map, GIS, HVAC, drawings.

We convert paper documents into accurate AutoCAD files. Scanned drawings, blueprints and PDF files are drawn manually by trained AutoCAD editors and continuously checked for accuracy by licensed American architects.

You can outsource the paper to CAD conversion to all types of architectural drawings, including views, plans, sections, HVAC drawings, electricity, plumbing, landscape drawings, fire fighting, engineering drawings, and outsource the paper to the CAD conversion service, manual sketches to CAD – Conversions, measurement plans, redevelopment plans and piping, work plans, public services etc.

We only need a simple scanned image and in the end deliver drawings and CAD designs with precise dimensions. We have the latest technology and infrastructure, which are the main reason for our success in this service sector. Our experience in technology in this field has led us to offer the highest quality paper to CAD conversion at very competitive prices.

Converting Drawings on Paper to CAD Format Has Many Advantages:

  • It helps to save drawings more clearly.
  • Immediate availability of the required information.
  • It is easier to transfer information by email.
  • Remove missing drawings.

Advantages of our services

  • CAD drawings can be systematically archived and managed with EDM (Engineering Document Management) and PDM (Product Data Management) systems
  • High-quality drawings with dimensional accuracy.
  • Improved flow of information via email and other means.
  • Reduce recovery time and print electronic files.
  • Less chance of corruption or data loss.

Eratost Technologies also offers conversion services for 2D CAD designs in a paper format directly into 3D CAD models. Our CAD conversion services are very useful in the electrical, mechanical and architecture industry, where 3D architecture CAD models are generated directly from old paper drawings.

We convert paper documents into AutoCAD DWG files with precise dimensions. Scanned drawings, drawings and PDF files are drawn manually by trained AutoCAD artists, and architects continually check their accuracy and integrity.

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