Parcel Mapping

Eratost technologies are leading parcel mapping is a process where land is created for efficient and effective land management. The Parcel mapping service is the process to generates maps with polygons which are created from base maps that contain all information of the ownership and other related information. The base maps that are used in map creation are cadastral maps that show each map in different subdivisions. The land is the basic data layer in which various data are referenced. The mapping of parcels has a variety of uses, such as land management and land registration by urban and rural authorities. Urban planning and development are managed using various land mapping techniques that can be used to restore analytical data that is critical to improving the operational capabilities of government agencies.

The use of parcel mapping services has increased over time, and it has been found that the time it takes to process and comply with land registration applications has decreased by almost 85% in several countries. The use of parcel mapping services has led to significant improvements in handling the large requirements generated over a period of time. As a result, the general costs and data storage in a secure environment is significantly reduced. Parcel mapping is also used by cartographic workers, flood rescue operations, and natural disasters to identify owners and restore important data. Package cards are also the basis for such GIS cards.

Who benefits from the division of the land?

  • State and local government
  • Engineers
  • Developers
  • Urban planners
  • Tax consultant
  • Public and private services
  • Commercial and private real estate
  • Owner

Applications for map creation

  • Land use planning/development
  • Tax assessment
  • Engineering
  • Supply Polls


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Delivery items

  • .dwg (AutoCAD)
  • .dxf (exchange of drawings)
  • .shp (ESRI)
  • GeoDatabase Personal and Enterprise (ESRI)
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