Structural BIM Services

With the help of the modern BIM studio and our rich group of talents, we offer our customers high-quality structural BIM services worldwide. Erarost Technologies, with its specialized structural modeling services, closes the gap between the design and manufacturing phases.

BIM structure modeling plays an important role in the development of life cycle management from design to service life to demolition. The precise design and detailing of the structural elements are of great importance in the entire design and construction process, while communication with other trades takes place. Eratost offers definitive structural BIM services that facilitate the analysis and review of the all-inclusive design and thus increase flexibility in engineering management.

Eratost technologies’ structural BIM services include drawings and details, as well as 3D modeling. Because our model combines advanced design and analysis capabilities, it offers an excellent 3D analysis that reveals cost savings and guarantees safer designs. Our specialists are able to create a precise structural model with the right information, so that the engineers have a clear idea of all aspects, e.g. resources for the project.

BIM for Structural Engineers:

Civil engineers are believed to play a leading role in introducing BIM to the industry. While other interested parties had just entered the BIM league, structural engineers exceeded them.

BIM provides a platform for structural engineers to work more efficiently and accurately with tools that support CAD-based workflows. Applications such as the Autodesk Revit Structural Pack are equipped with intuitive construction tools that help buildings better plan and effectively share their ideas with other project participants.

The main structural BIM services provided by Eratost are:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • 3D Modeling Design
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Detail of The Steel Structure
  • The exact number of starts and estimated costs
  • Creation of 3D, 4D and 5D BIM Services
  • Extraction of Components.
  • High-quality Construction Documents
  • Shock detection and risk reduction
  • Creation of intelligent parametric libraries.

Eratost technologies have a well-equipped team of structural engineers and editors who are familiar with international codes and practices. You can provide customers with their needs without exhausting their financial resources as our team uses the latest software, novelty and originality. With our BIM structural model, customers get a clear picture of the construction process before the start of construction. This enables them to improve coordination and communicate their decision during the project. It also helps reduce design errors. Eratost experts also adhere strictly to the deadlines, so that customers receive the right services with the fast response time.


The team of experts from the structural BIM engineers at Eratost helps customers work with information from all other disciplines such as architects, contractors, subcontractors and others to achieve the quality they require.

The main advantages of our structural BIM services are as follows

  • Better communication with the customer
  • Faster customer releases
  • Better coordination between the teams.
  • Simple design changes.
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Reduce the creation time of a drawing and future revisions.
  • Improved analysis and performance evaluation
  • Improved building efficiency

Because our engineering team can create realistic and real-time design scenarios for modeling building information, our customers can make better decisions to avoid design errors and create a perfect sustainability strategy. Eratost makes every effort to guarantee customers high-quality services. We use the latest technology and software to guarantee greater efficiency, safety and accuracy in a wide range of engineering projects.

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