Topographic & Cadastral Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Topographic map services are the most commonly used category among all maps. Contour lines are used in topographic maps to indicate elevation and terrain shape. This function distinguishes topographic maps from all other map types.

Topographic maps are essential tools for a variety of monitoring and planning activities. Compatibility of topographic map services. Even government agencies choose digital mapping information for their networks.

Eratost Services’ experts work on extensive thematic and topographic mapping projects for customers around the world. Projects can be designed reliably on time and on budget, and Eratost services generally depend on the mapping experience in the country required for such projects.

Topographic mapping was an integral part of mapping a country. Most provide improved information to provide new maps. The global acceptance of computer-generated maps has accelerated the use of computer compatibility of topographic map services. Even government agencies choose digital mapping information for their networks.

Cadastral Mapping

Cadastral maps are a complete record of the actual detailed ownership of an area. This includes the exact location, dimensions and other geographic classifications of real estate and individual properties.

The cadastral map is created from printed copies of the administrative maps, in which the details of the individual parcels, roads, railway lines, waters, vegetation, etc. are given. Cadastral mapping leads to the effective management of public land registers. Cadastral maps are linked to a back-end database that contains details of each chart and its attributes.

Eratost is conducting extensive cadastral mapping projects that include the following

  • Scan printed cards
  • Digitize the maps with the corresponding layer structure
  • Georeferencing of the individual cards
  • Merge individual cadastral maps into one map that belongs to a certain area.

Additional details such as the names of the surveying districts, unique identification numbers for plots, certificate numbers for existing titles, positions of existing structures, section or lot numbers and their respective areas, names of neighboring and neighboring streets are given on the cadastral maps. Dimensions of selected borders and references to previous maps

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